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Property for sale in Antalya with a guarantee of the lease from the developer

Antalya - a modern city with a developed infrastructure, clean beaches, hot springs and many historical monuments. Antalya Sale Company offers to buy comfortable apartments in this picturesque location on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Buy a house in Antalya, to get these advantages:

Attractions Antalya

In addition to developing a modern infrastructure Antalya is famous for its amazing history. Be sure to visit such attractions:

In addition, in Antalya offers many other wonderful places, including Kesik Minaret, Karatay Madrasa, the Museum of Archaeology, the clock tower Saai Kulesi, etc. After becoming acquainted with the history of the city is the time to go with his family to Aqualand, Discoland or yacht club.

Property in Antalya from developer

Antalya Sale Company for 26 years engaged in the construction of elite residential properties in Antalya. We offer you a fully ready for comfortable living apartments for sale, furniture, household appliances and air conditioning. Since 1989, we have built:

Antalya Sale help you successfully solve such problems:

The best conditions of purchase housing from the developer

Antalya Sale offers advantageous to buy property on the Mediterranean coast:

You can execute the contract after-sales service to Antalya Sale specialists took care of all routine work on the content of the object, as well as utilities and taxes.


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Address project : Liman…

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Liman District, Street…

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Hurma District, Street…

Terranova City

36. Sk, Gürsu Mah., Antalya,…

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Liman District, Bileydiler…

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Hurma District, Street…

Zümrüt town

Hurma District, Street…

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Liman District, Street…

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Basic principles of cooperation

We are working on the principle that your real estate purchase was a good investment, which in the future will bring a guaranteed income. For this property to be liquid. And the income provided by the annual increase in the price of real estate, as well as generate income from the lease. Your investment should be profitable, that would now buy an apartment or a house at a low price and sell at any time more expensive.

Only doverrenye developers

Services online support 24 hours a day

Only direct sale

Prices from the builder, only the best offers according to your request

After-sales service

We conclude contracts for after-sales service

Full legal support

Only high-quality objects, full legal support

Good reasons to buy property in Turkey

Easy paperwork

Turkish banks are interested in lending to foreigners.

Cost of maintenance

Low utility payments and taxes

Properties for rent

Profit in the year 10-15% of the purchase price

Rapid development

Great for investment

The climate in Antalya

Climate Antalya - subtropical Mediterranean. It is typical of the Mediterranean. It features a hot and dry summers and mild rainy winters. In winter precipitation falls in Antalya so much that the climate has features of monsoon rainfall in the summer months are very rare and not even every year. A disproportionate amount of precipitation falls in the winter in Antalya due to the Taurus mountains, which prevent the penetration of cyclones further north. A similar phenomenon is fixed and on the southern coast of the Crimea, but to a lesser extent.

From April to October is dominated by clear weather, summer clouds are rare. The rest of the year the weather is mostly cloudy and overcast.

Antalya for children

To see all the interesting, you need more than one day. The most convenient is that everything is in walking distance.

  • Luna Park
  • Aquarium
  • Dolphinarium
  • Aquaparks (Aqualand и Depark)
  • Beach Park
  • Minicity
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Old city (Kaleiçi)
  • Singing fountains
  • Zoo
  • Parks Antalya

Antalya health

Last year, British scientists from Devon and Cornwall did a little research. The aim of this study was to find the relationship between the health of the British and the remoteness of their residence from the sea. The respondents were offered three possible answers to the question: "How do you assess your own health?"

So, the relationship was revealed. People living by the sea at a distance of over 50 kilometers (eg, Leeds or Sheffield), more often evaluated their health is not very good, than those who live at a distance of 5-50 km from the sea.

The most satisfied with their health were the inhabitants of the coastal strip in 5 kilometers. On average in the UK they most often assessed their health as good enough.

n addition, the British noticed that among the inhabitants of the coastal towns above prosperity, as compared with residents from the depths of the island.

What is useful "sea air?"

We must start with the fact that the sea air saturated with nutrients, a positive effect on our health, it does not contain dust (directly into the sea or on the shore). Scientists have found a similarity in composition of human blood plasma and seawater. The water, in turn, fills the air and sea substances, has a positive effect on human health and the duration of his life.

In maritime air contains:

  • Potassium — He acts in our body antiallergen.
  • Calcium — It strengthens the connective tissues of the body.
  • Bomine — It has a calming effect on the body.
  • Magnesium — It helps to relieve swelling.
  • Iodine — It helps rejuvenate skin cells.

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