Free orientation tour

We invite you on a free tour of the city - resort of Antalya and its suburbs

During the 4-day stay in Turkey, you are given a hospitable comfortable accommodation, informative tour of the city, views of properties in popular areas, the guide - interpreter, legal advice. Just provide hours of relaxation and entertainment according to your wishes.

Detailed aspects of the individual tour (2 people):

  • Air travel back and forth (from Moscow or Kiev);
  • Visa + medical insurance (coverage amount of 30 thousand euros);
  • 4 days (3 nights) at the hotel on the coast, breakfast and dinner included;
  • Inspection of property;
  • Access to the best conditions of purchase (shares, discounts, installments, credit);
  • Consultation and full cooperation on the part of our experts on all issues, including legal and tax issues: legislation, legalization, adaptation in the country - Domestic and social;
  • Visiting cultural and historical attractions;
  • The evening program.

Days of stay:

By agreement.

Cost of the trip:

When booking the tour party pays the cost of the package in the amount of:

  • 400 euros per person with accommodation in a hotel (winter) or 550 euros per person with accommodation in a hotel (in season);
  • Payment of the tour at the rate of 100% and is payable when booking travel;
  • The cost of the inspection tour is restored when buying property.

Advantages of working with us:

  1. Registration of real estate;
  2. Support in the preparation of internal passport;
  3. Connect subscriptions light, water and the Internet;
  4. After-sales service of the real estate;
  5. Assistance in obtaining a loan;
  6. Legal support.

Free of charge!